1. Presque Vu
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I got a nine-to-five to put me on the clock again
I got a car to drive, important meetings to attend
A bottle out of sight. Yeah everything is just alright
There's riots in the streets, but they don't bother me

I got a restless mind that only sees what might have been
I got walk-in closet full of nettled skeletons
They'll never come to light but always keep me up at night
And when I fall asleep they rattle up the world that I dream

There's something in my head too dark to see

There must be more to life than waiting for the day to end
So how about tonight we take a moment to pretend
That all the world is but a virtual experience
Just something to believe until we die and become everything

It’s turning purple and I'm too far gone to comprehend
The subtle way the world becomes whatever what we intend
Now all these tapes and books they've got me on my back again
And when I fall asleep they redefine the world as I dream

There's something in my head too dark to see

What does and what don't kill me can only take me to the light
What hurts can only heal me. What does emotion signify?

That all your life's a moment in disguise and all this time's avail to realize