1. Cannibals

From the recording Land of Nod

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Patient on the line. I only ask you for a moment of your time
Though the higher ups expect us to be cannibals I’ll try to stay polite
Please state your date of birth, your home address, your race, the color of your eyes
You see we’ve got to understand the way you seem to know exactly what you’ll like

So tell us all your names, the way you take your coffee, dark or light
And tell us all the things you’d like the chance to see before you die

I’ve got a fiery sale just for you? I’ve got a deal that’ll spin your head around.
You’ll soar
I’ve got a bottle of pills that fill you with all the love in the world
And only for the price of always wanting more

So give us all your pain
Fill us with your every waking thought
Take your autonomy
And feed it to the cannibals of want