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Signal-to-Noise is the moniker for Chicago-based audio engineer Michael Downing.  S/N specializes in post-production mixing, mastering and experimental music production. Over the last 10 years Downing has released 2 original LPs and has worked with dozens of independent artists from Chicago and beyond in genres including Indie Rock, Rap, EDM, Metal, R&B, Acoustic/Songwriter, Jazz, and more!  

Associated Acts:   
Minor Moon, Deanna Devore, Gorilla Social, James Waves, Amite, Paul Moody, John Lamm, Sami Wolf, Bears With Eagle Arms, Georgina McLeod, Randy Rattz, Obsidian Switch, Michael Parker, and many more!

Current performers in Signal-to-Noise are:

Michael Downing (Guitar, Vocals)
Nathan Bojko (Drums, Percussion)
Kayla Comerford (Violin)
Jennifer Barron (Cello)
Mike Bradburn (Bass)
Sam Cantor (Guitar, Vocals)

Casey Stelletello (Vocals)

Check out some of S/N's clients and original music here.